Cancellation policy


Classes are not pre-booked. You pay for each lesson as you attend.

Private lessons

We require 24 hours notice of cancellation for private lessons to enable us to rebook the appointment. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your booking, we require full payment for the lesson unless you are able to find someone to take your place.

Social dances, tea dances and practices

If you have bought tickets for a dance or practice and are unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to the next dance or if you prefer, the ticket price will be refunded. If you have bought 3 tickets in advance using the “3rd dance half-price” and you choose not to transfer your ticket, you will receive a refund for the half-price ticket.

Events with food

If you have bought tickets for an event with food and are unable to attend, you will receive a full refund up to eight days prior to the event. If you cancel seven days or less prior to the event, we will retain £10 per person to cover catering costs incurred.

Dance holidays

For dance holidays we are subject to the venue’s cancellation policy. However, in most cases your holiday insurance should provide cover if you

are unable to secure a refund.